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The Bolton Cadillac Tire Store in Ontario

One of the most important yet commonly overlooked accessories you can add to your vehicle is a new set of tires. Whether you’re looking for a more performance-based tire to really hug the road in the warmer months, or a proper winter tire to keep you safe when the weather turns, the right tires make a huge difference in the way your Cadillac performs. Visit the Tire Store at Bolton Cadillac to find a stellar selection of wheels and tires perfect for your vehicle, so you can handle anything the Ontario roads throw your way.

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The importance of two sets of tires

The experts all agree, having two sets of tires is a prudent way to keep your vehicle safe and performing its best. With a set of both all-season and winter tires, you’ll have all the confidence you need to tackle the changing weather—and, while it seems like an expensive proposition, it actually results in less wear and tear over time.

The difference between winter and all-season tires

The importance of having winter tires really can’t be overstated. While they are great for warm and dry weather, as well as light precipitation, the term ‘all-season’ is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to tires. Whereas winter tires are specifically formulated to handle cold weather and slick terrain.

All-season tires

  • Provide traction for a variety of road conditions
  • Formulated to handle hotter temperatures
  • Grip dry pavement better

Winter tires

  • Deeper treads & irregular edges mean better traction on snow and ice
  • Formulated to stay flexible in colder temperatures
  • Grip snow and ice better

In 2008, Quebec made winter tires mandatory—leading to 17% drop in winter collisions. So not only can you lower your risk of an accident, but you’ll also save yourself from the hassle of needing to have your vehicle repaired, or seeing your insurance premiums go up.

Store your tires in Bolton, Ontario

We understand that not everyone has the room to store an extra set of tires, which is why we offer tire storage at our Bolton, Ontario dealership. This way, when you need to swap from your all-season tires to your winter ones (or vice versa), you can simply make an appointment at Bolton Cadillac and we’ll handle the rest!

Not only is having an extra set of tires a cost-efficient and practical strategy, but it could save you from an accident in the future. So explore the selection of tires at Bolton Cadillac above, or contact us via the form below and we’ll help you find the right set of tires for your ride.

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